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WMRWC Family Services

Definition of Family: While some may choose to define family as being only those people who are biologically connected to us, we opt for a far more, flexible conception of family. We believe that there are multiple types of families which may or may not be built on legal marriage or biology, and therefore welcome friends, children, and significant others to participate in family day.

Family Day Objectives: The Family Day component of WMRWC has been developed with four main purposes in mind:

  • To allow family members to gain insight into the Resident’s treatment process as well as being a part of it.
  • To allow family members of the WMRWC resident to obtain counseling services and referrals for themselves in conjunction with the resident’s counseling.
  • To offer family members the opportunity to learn, begin self-exploration, and share common experiences.
  • To allow the children of the Residents the opportunity to participate in the healing process by reconnecting with the resident through staff supervised play activities.