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Mail Rules

In order to prevent interference with the facility goals of security, safety, order or rehabilitation, and not allow contraband/drugs into any of our facilities, incoming non-privileged inmate mail must meet the following standards:

Only properly addressed mail is received and delivered to inmates.  You may write to the inmate at:

[Inmate’s Name and Person Number]

HCJHOC at Stony Brook
629 Randall Road
Ludlow, MA 01056

  • All inmate correspondence is opened and inspected for contraband
  • All letters must be written in BLACK INK or NON-COLORED PENCIL
  • The paper that the letter is written on must be white in color, free of stains, spills or discoloration (to include LIPSTICK and PERFUME/COLOGNE)
  • Envelopes must be PURE WHITE
  • Drawings must be NON-COLORED PENCIL or BLACK INK
  • Greeting cards must be NON-LAYERED, no pop ups, or music devices. Only two-sided cards with no layers will be allowed
  • Photographs must be in the original form. Any alterations, to include glue-like substance, tape or tears on the photo will not be allowed
  • Mail received that does not conform to this policy will be either returned to the sender or placed into the inmate property bag until released from the facility, or sent to the Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU) for investigation

NOTE: Privileged (legal) mail is opened by security staff in the presence of the inmate to check for contraband.

Thank you