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Women's Correctional Center Visiting Rules and Regulations

WCC Visitation Registration Form (English)

Formulario de visita (Español)

WCC Visitor Rules and Regulations

  1. All in-person visits are NON-CONTACT visits. No physical contact can occur at any time during a personal visit.  Any violation of this directive will result in formal discipline for the justice-involved person and the immediate posting of the visitor restricting them from further visits.
  2. Anyone over the age of 18 must review the visiting rules and regulations before they can visit any inmate at the Women’s Correctional Center.
  3. All visitors, 18 and above, are required to complete an initial registration Visiting Form online or in person as well as the Request to Visit Form before entering the Secure Perimeter. These are legal forms and providing false information will be grounds for denying your entrance into the facility and suspending your visiting privileges for a specific period of time. The completed Request to Visit Form shall be presented to the Public Lobby Officer at the reception desk.
  4. Ex-offenders may not visit until the Central Review Board approves them. If anyone has been convicted and incarcerated within the past year and they are not immediate family, they may not visit.  Immediate family members can visit once they are approved.
  5. Any visitor, even one who has obtained prior permission to visit, may be denied entrance to the facility or told to terminate a visit and leave the premises due to safety and security concerns.
  6. Visits will be denied if a visitor has taken a restraining order out on any inmate or an inmate has taken a restraining order out on the visitor.
  7. Visitors are required to meet the following criteria: All Visitors age 18 or over must present a current/approved picture identification to the Public Lobby Officer. Approved identification includes:
  • Current/valid or temporary Driver’s License,
  • State-issued Non-Driver’s picture I.D. from the Registry of Motor Vehicles with the date of birth on it,
  • State-issued Welfare Card,
  • Valid Passport,
  • Current/valid Military I.D.
  • A current/valid picture I.D. from local area schools with a Birth Certificate, or
  • Pistol Permit.A. Minors 17 and under who are visiting must be accompanied by their parent, legal guardian or an authorized adult. The authorized adult or legal guardian must present the original birth certificate, the original legal guardianship paperwork or a notarized letter at the initial visit. The information is added to the inmate's visitors screen under the comments section and the name on the legal documentation will be the only person allowed to bring that minor.B. No picture ID is required for minors under 14. Minors between the ages of 15-17 are required to provide an I.D. (Ex. School I.D., passport)C. Any minor between the ages of 15-17, wishing to visit their incarcerated parent without adult supervision, must be pre-approved by the assigned Treatment Staff who works in collaboration with the Assistant Superintendent, the Department of Children and Families, and the incarcerated parent, as necessary.
  1. Visitors can not visit two inmates at the same time. Visitors will need to proceed to the Public Lobby and fill out another Request to Visit Form if they choose to visit with another inmate.
  2. Inmates can have 3 visitors; this includes children under the age of 17 years of age, during a 1-hour visit, twice a week, not on two separate visits on the same day, from Sunday to Saturday. Any special request for additional visitors or for a two-hour visit needs to be submitted by the inmate one week prior to the visit. Special requests for a two-hour visit will account for the two-hour visit for the week.
  3. Visitors may place money into an inmate’s account by utilizing the Kiosk machine available in the Public Lobby at WCC, WMCAC or the Main Facility in Ludlow. The Kiosk accepts currencies of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. Visitors may also deposit money into the inmate's account by doing one of the following:a) Call Access Secure Deposits toll-free phone number (866) 345-1884 or,
    b) Utilizing the Internet deposit website by accessing
  4. All personal belongings (coats, purses, money, jewelry, cameras, beepers/pagers, radios, cell phones, personal keys, gum, candy, food, drinks, etc) must be placed in one of the coin-operated lockers in the Public Lobby or secured in the visitor’s personal vehicle. Personal belongings are not allowed past the Public Lobby Area. The Western Massachusetts Regional Women’s Correctional Center will not be held responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  5. Visitors' vehicles must be locked while in the parking lot and are subject to search while on State Property. If children and pets are found unattended in the visitor’s vehicle, the visit will be stopped and the visitor asked to leave the premises and the visit will count as one of the inmate's visit for the week.
  6. Visitors attempting to introduce contraband into the facility (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, etc.) will be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution. It is a felony for any person to deliver any article to an inmate without permission of the Sheriff or Facility Administrator, or to procure an article to be delivered, to possess it with intent to deliver it or to deposit or conceal it with intent that an inmate shall obtain it.

Massachusetts General Laws: CHAPTER 268, Section 28


TITLE 1 CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS         CHAPTER 268,  CRIMES AGAINST PUBLIC JUSTICE Section 28,   Delivering drugs or articles to prisoners in correctional institutions or jails: possession Section 28.  Whoever gives or delivers to a prisoner in any correctional institution, or in any jail or house of correction, any drug or article whatever, or has in his possession within the precincts of any prison herein named with intent to give or deliver to any prisoner any such drug or article without the permission of the superintendent or keeper, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than five years, or in a jail or house of correction for not more than two years or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars.

  1. Visitors may not smoke anywhere on the grounds.  All tobacco products and smoking items (such as lighters, and matches) are considered contraband.
  2. All visitors must pass through and clear the metal detector unless unable to do so, in which circumstances a search is completed with a hand-held metal detector or a consensual pat search.  An adult may carry small children through the metal detector.  Visitors may be asked to consent to a pat search by an officer of the same gender and any visitor may leave the facility rather than submitting to such search.  Refusing to submit to any aspect of the search procedure will result in the visitor being denied entrance into the facility.
  3. Visitors may not bring any type of animal onto the property. In the event a seeing-eye dog is necessary, prior authorization of the Assistant Superintendent is required.
  4. Visitation privileges are denied to visitors when the visitor:A. Is listed in the Criminal Justice System Information System, convicted of a felony within the last year or has been incarcerated within a one-year time period,
    B. Upon review of a Board of Probation any findings of open cases or warrants, and you are not an immediate family member
    C. Does not obey the rules and regulations set forth by the WCC,
    D. If the safety and security of the facility is jeopardized.
    E. Appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
    F. Has an active Restraining Order or 209A against an inmate of the facility,
    G. Has an active Restraining Order against you by an inmate.
  5. All visitors must dress in an appropriate and acceptable manner.  The following will not be allowed into the facility:
      • Bathing suits,
      • Shorts/skirts above knee length (knee length admitted),
      • Halter-tops,
      • Excessively tight and revealing clothing,
      • Mini skirts or skirts below knee length with slits,
      • Tank tops (spaghetti straps, sleeveless shirts not allowed), shoulders must be covered,
      • Tights, leggings or spandex,
      • Ripped or torn clothing,
      • See-through clothing,
      • No bare feet, sandals or open-toe shoes,
      • Jackets, sweatshirts with hoods, coats, hats or do-rags (Religious headwear allowed but will be asked to be temporarily removed to make positive identification upon entering and exiting the Visiting Area),
      • Clothing that advertises alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia or gang representation,
      • Clothing with vulgarity or any type of sexual content,
      • All green or orange clothing,
      • Work uniforms, (i.e. BSMC, Baystate & Gas, Scrubs, etc)
      • Jewelry – except for a wedding band without stones
  1. You must stay in the assigned seat and any request to change seats will be at the discretion of the Visiting Officer. Association with anyone other than your visit is not permitted.
  2. During a visit, you must conduct yourself in an orderly manner. You are responsible for the conduct of your children.  Failure to supervise your children could result in a loss of visits. Visits may be terminated if children exhibit behavioral problems, which interfere with other visitors or the maintenance of order in the visiting area.
  3. Visitors will not have access to the restroom located in the Visiting Area. Visitors will proceed to the Lobby restroom and may go back to the Visiting Area to resume their visit.
  4. Baby Bottles must be clear plastic (no glass).
  5. Visiting children and inmates are only allowed to use the Children’s Room if approved.
  6. No use of obscene or abusive language or any other gestures or acts is permitted in the visiting area or public lobby.  No form of sexual conduct or gestures is tolerated.
  7. At the conclusion of the contact visit, inmates cannot escort visitors to the sallyport door. Inmates must first exit through the inmate waiting area of the Visiting Room.
  8. During non-contact visits, the visitor remains in the assigned booth and any request to change booths is at the discretion of the Visiting Officer.
  9. Visitors and inmates are not allowed to tap on the physical glass barrier, which separates the inmate from the visitor in the non-contact booths or through doors.
  10. If the visitor has been posted for disciplinary reasons, prior to reinstating the visitor’s visiting privileges, the visitor must complete a new Visitors Form after completion of suspended visiting privileges to be allowed to visit.
  11. Information regarding the availability of public transportation to and from the facility is posted in the public lobby.
  12. Visitors must contact the WCC at (413) 730-6800 to verify if they have been approved or denied for visiting
  13. The WCC Visiting Schedule is as follows and may be subject to change due to security issues.

Visits will occur as follows:

Sunday3-4pm / 4:15-5:15pm 2B7-8pm / 8:15-9:15pm 2A
Monday3-4pm / 4:15-5:15pm 3A7-8pm / 8:15-9:15pm 3B
Tuesday3-4pm / 4:15-5:15pm 3B7-8 pm / 8:15-9:15pm 2B
Wednesday3-4pm / 4:15-5:15pm 2A7-8pm / 8:15-9:15pm 3A
Thursday3-4pm / 4:15-5:15pm 3A7-8pm / 8:15-9:15pm 2A
Friday3-4pm / 4:15-5:15pm 2B7-8pm / 8:15-9:15pm 3B
Saturday3-4pm / 4:15-5:15pm 3B7-8pm / 8:15-9:15pm 3A

Court property drop off: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12 p.m.-2 p.m., and by appointment through Intake, (413) 730-6840