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Process for attorneys contacting clients during COVID-19 Pandemic

Professional Visits: During the pandemic, the Hampden County Sheriff’s Office has remained open for in-person attorney visits. Unless your client is in the quarantine housing unit where all newcomers are placed for the first two weeks or a medical quarantined unit, attorneys who have been fully vaccinated can have an in-person visit with a client in a visiting room.  Both the attorney and the client will be required to wear masks.  Attorneys will also be required to present their vaccination cards prior to the visit. Any questions or issues, please email: [email protected]

Please call CCR at the facility you wish to visit to confirm that your client is not in quarantine prior to your visit: (413) 547-8000

  • Ludlow:                Ext. 2191
  • WCC Chicopee:  Ext. 6871
  • Mill Street:           Ext. 3106

For those attorneys who do not wish to visit their clients at our facilities, we have a process in place.  Please direct all requests to arrange to speak with your clients at Ludlow or Chicopee facilities to: [email protected]

Please provide them with your client’s name, date of birth, and person number if you have it. They will get back to you by email with times that you can expect a call from your clients.